We may get giddy about cars, but we don’t play around when it comes to giving you top-notch service for your vehicle.

We have succeeded in creating a safe, comfortable and pleasant environment for our customers to be in. Our service facility is modern, up-to-date, well-thought out and centred around how you, the customer, would feel in it. It fits us here in Belleville perfectly – a place where customers can come and find the best value offered in product and service.

Competition Motors has a friendly and easy-going staff. They are a highly qualified team of car experts that get the job done and put the best product out and back into your hands.

Eric, owner of Competition Motors, has trained his team to be honest and encourages them to go the extra mile for each customer. That’s what we strive for. We charge fairly, we frown upon nickel and dimeing our customers because we value them. Competition Motors goes out of its way to make you happy and keep you satisfied.

If you have a service need, no matter how great or small, drop us a line us or stop by.

Competition Motors is pleased to announce that we are a retailer for:


Certified Pre-Owned Automobiles

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