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Competition Motors doesn’t focus on commissions like other dealers.

Before the job starts on any given day, Eric Schnaithmann is already elbow-deep into cars. He likes cool stuff and he likes them fast. To say that he has a passion for cars is an understatement.

Eric is the owner and team leader of Competition Motors which has been his pride and joy since 1991. He is a dynamic, down-to-earth and hands-on leader who has built Competition Motors from the ground up into the state-of-the art facility that it is today.

Eric has more than 22 years of technical automotive experience, and specializes in high performance modifications. He brings with him meticulous attention to detail and extensive product knowledge. A self-described car-loving purist and gear head, Eric has made it his goal to gather a team around him that echoes his enthusiasm for giving the best value in product and service.

Competition Motors doesn’t focus on commissions like other dealers. They truly do it for the love of their brands and seeing customers 100% happy with their product.

Eric and the team at Competition Motors have become a family who has won a fiercely loyal customer base. This is because Competition Motors laid down a foundation of integrity, respect for their customer in providing both outstanding service and intimate product knowledge.

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